LI Blogger (The Long Island Blogger) was created on October 23, 2010 and went through several names and designs in its infancy until the current name was chosen in mid- to late-2012. The site moved to its own domain,, in early2013 Jvenue, a source or trying to obtain press material. This site is not produced by, nor affiliated with, any or all members listed on this website and/or its management. This site is produced by Long Islanders foe what it is today. The list of names is too long to mention here; we hope these people know who they are. We'd especially like to thank the great variety of writers, reporters, and news organizations around the new york area who have allowed us to collect their articles and material on this site for the educational and archival benefit of our audience. When you are done visiting our web site, please visit the web sites of these news organizations and support their advertisers when appropriate.